Stone Circle has been a thing for over two years now, and we figured it was about time to start the blog and begin sharing our approach to software development. If you are interested in software development, open source or business then hopefully this blog will have something for you. If you know anything about Stone Circle's projects or what we have been up to recently and would like to request a post just reach out on Twitter or reach out to me directly

What we do

Anyone that knows me knows that I have been mad about Open Source Software for many years. While I have recovered from my phases of doing silly things like buying Open Source Phones I have done my best to structure my professional career around Open Source, which becomes very clear when you look at what my company is currently focusing on:

  • Consulting Services
    • Helping companies improve their development practices using Open Source tech stacks
  • Development Services
    • Leveraging Open Source frameworks, libraries and products to significantly improve the time-to-market for new products
  • Developing an Open Source product
    • Building Authmaker as an Open Source platform to prevent vendor lock-in
  • Contributing directly to EmberJS

I will go into all of the above in more detail over the coming months, but one thing that I hope you will see as a running theme through our blog posts is the idea of using sensible defaults and standards to hyper-optimise the development process and provide value to our clients. Developer productivity and speed of development is one of the main reasons you will find EmberJS featuring in a lot of what we do, and most of the full-stack topics we discuss will feel very much like the Ember Way™️ of approaching software.

I hope the coming posts will be useful and wish me luck 🎉